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Winners Attitude Collection | What is a Winners Attitude?


“You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.”- Zig Zagler

Here's our 5 steps for obtaining a Winners Attitude:

1. Growth Mindset

Studies show there are individuals with either a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.
An individual with a growth mindset believes their talents can be fostered through hard work, good strategy and external input. Whereas those with a fixed mindset believe their abilities are innate (i.e. they're born with it). 
A growth mindset enables individuals to accept failure and learn from it. Therefore short term failures although painful, often result in long term success. This compares to a fixed mindset in which the individual will be convinced they are no good at it and not attempt to resolve the failure. 

2. Consistency

Anthony Joshua training

Although initially some find hard to maintain, consistency can play a vital role in success. Consistency creates habits which in turn creates action and action leads to success. We all know the saying "Less talk, more action!"
Winning individuals know their role inside out and consistency is ultimately responsible for this. It has been proposed 10,000 hours of practice is the key to achieving true expertise.
Research suggests that once an individual has enough ability to get into a top boxing club, the thing that distinguishes one performer from another is how hard he or she works. Those with a winners attitude have the ability to consistently put the work in even when failures are upon them. 
There is a miss conception that working hard means actioning a million things in a day, however, winners take practical actions that meet the desires of where and what they're trying to achieve.

3. Responsibility

AJ pre training camp 2022

In order to become responsible we first need to know what responsibility is. Personal responsibility has been defined as being accountable to oneself and the needs and well-being of others (Ruyter, 2002).

Research has suggested there is an increasing trend in society to refuse accountability and put the blame elsewhere. 
Winners are held accountable for their actions, good or bad. They don't blame others for mistakes or failures. A lack of accountability results in a failure to adapt and overcome situations. A great example is if you're 5 minutes late to work because you got stuck in traffic.

Failure to take responsibility would be blaming it on the traffic. Whereas a person with a winners attitude would take the blame and understand leaving earlier would have eliminated this factor. 

4. Positivity

AJ smiling whilst training in the gym

Evidence reflects that increased positivity, especially of that in the workplace, can provide a major competitive advantage for both the individual and organisations (Achor, 2010)People who experience positive emotions at work have higher levels of engagement, organisational citizenship behaviour and job performance, and are less likely to experience burnout or engage in counterproductive behaviour (Lyubomirsky, King & Diener, 2005). 

The same can be said for life outside of work. Winners with a positive attitude also are known to be physically healthier. They have lower blood pressures, lower heart rates, lower levels of stress-related hormones and stronger immune systems. 

Positivity isn't to be mistaken with happiness. Happiness is a state of mood whereas positivity is a state of mind. You can show signs of sadness yet approach the situation in a positive manor. This is one of the key attributes of a winners attitude. Situations could be going against them but the positivity remains the high. 

5. Confidence

AJ ring walk vs Pulev

Individuals with a winners attitude not only have confidence in themselves but also those around them. 

A lack of confidence often inhibits the ability to take new steps forward. Fear of failure takes over reducing the individuals ability to make the change they've been striving for in order to be successful. Obtaining a winners attitude rejects this and allows the individual to face their fears, head on. 

Here's 3 tips to improve your confidence and begin your winners attitude mentality:
  • Picture a successful outcome
  • Don't be afraid of failure
  • Set achievable goals

Anthony Joshua: The reason behind the Winners Attitude capsule?

"Every collection we release at AJBXNG I want to be a reflection of the community we've built over the last 6 years.

The Winners Attitude capsule embodies both my personality and I know all of yours. I always get asked what it takes to get to the top and I enjoy expressing my creativity through clothing, so what better way to show it." 
Anthony Joshua. 

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