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“People always used to tell me to be successful you have to work 24/7. I always thought, imagine if I worked as if I had one more hour, one more day. 25/8 - is what we stand for.”
Boxing is a way of life more than a sport. I have tried to capture this feeling in a range of clothing and fitness accessories designed to make boxing accessible to anyone.

The clothing represents my own background, growing up in North London forms a fundamental part of who I am today. I have tried to capture the unique urban style in my range of hoodies, t-shirts and other lifestyle products.

Beyond that, the message that any goal can be achieved through hard work is firmly emblazoned across my range. I hope they can serve as an inspiration to never give up to anyone who supports me and the brand.
I was born in Watford, London on the 15th of October 1989. I spent part of my childhood growing up in my ancestral homeland of Nigeria before returning to the UK at the age of 12.

At the age of 18, I joined Finchley ABC in Barnet, North London where my journey into boxing began. I quickly learned boxing was a sport that requires a huge amount of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. Like with anything in life, if I didn't commit myself 100% to it, I would be found out.

Four years into my boxing journey I won the Olympic Gold at London 2012. From there I have gone on to win the WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO world Heavyweight Titles.

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