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Message from AJ: AJBXNG Club Background

From the moment I first walked into Finchley Amateur Boxing Club as an naive 18 year old I felt at home in the boxing community - it reminded me of growing up in North London as a kid.

We were a tight-knit group who encouraged and supported each other, but also sorted anyone who was out of the line.

Over the next few months I realised boxing was much more than just a sport - it was a lifestyle. 

I loved the discipline and how the people around me gave me the confidence and positivity to drive me to reach my new-found goals.

Just four years later those same people helped me become Olympic Champion!


A lot has happened since, but that background is a fundamental part of who I am today - it changed my life and the journey I was on.

I want the AJBXNG Club to be the virtual version of Finchley ABC.

A community of like-minded people who strive for an active, healthy and positive lifestyle.

Plus there will be additional benefits (see below), like the special offers on clothing and equipment, behind the scenes updates and some of my top tips! There will be something for everyone and I'd love to see you there.

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AJBXNG Club Member Benefits

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This may be the first Virtual Boxing Club of its kind in the World, and something I've been wanting to launch for a long time.

I’d love you to join me inside - just click the button below to get started and who knows between us we might even create a future World Champion!

See you inside.

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