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AJBXNG x Pulseroll Collaboration

AJBXNG x Pulseroll Collaboration

About Pulseroll

Pulseroll is a UK leader in fitness training, recovery and wellbeing massage device products, utilising the benefits of vibration therapy for healthy living. Pulseroll’s products are proven to help increase range motion by up to 14% and relieve muscular pain and soreness by increasing blood flow to the muscles by 22%.

How many times have you finished a session and felt the pain of lactic acid in your muscles? The AJ x Pulseroll massage guns increase blood flow and flush the toxins away, increasing recovery time. 

The range consists of the Ignite Pro and Mini Massage Guns in White Camo. Both have brand new features, not seen before on any pulseroll products, making this range the most advanced release to date.


Available 25th July Worldwide   


What are massage guns and why are they important?

Massage guns are portable, hand held devices with a hidden motor that creates rapid vibrations to an attachment head. They are most widely used to relieve muscle tension, however they are great for activating muscles before a workout and flushing fresh blood to your muscles post workout. 

Take a look at just some of the benefits massage guns offer: 

Reduce muscle soreness

Massage guns are proven to increase blood flow to the surrounding area. A study in 2014 found by boosting blood flow via vibrations, the muscles receive a fresh intake of red blood cells and nutrients that are essential of flushing away toxins built up during exercise and speeding up recovery. 

Try using your gun immediately after exercise to flush any lactic acid out of your muscles. Continue to use the gun for the next 2 days after exercise to enhance the recovery from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Enhance Mobility / Injury Prevention

Consistency plays a vital role in performing at an optimal level, especially in boxing. How often do you hear people say "that boxer is ring rusty." This can come down to injury causing a break up of consistent training and competing. 

"The continuous vibration causes sensors in the muscle tendons to send feedback to the brain, essentially tricking your nervous system into blocking pain signals and increasing blood flow to your muscles" Read 2022.

The increased blood flow created by a massage gun allows the muscles to stretch beyond their usual range leading to an increased range of motion. Although not a guarantee of injury prevention, the consistent use massage guns may provide the ability to push that little bit further in training and reduce the possibility of injury due to poor technique. 

Neck and Back Relief

How often do you come home from work with a sore neck or back because you've been hunched over your computer screen the whole day?
Over two thirds of people experience back pain at some point in their lives. 

Massage guns are a great way of relieving the feeling of tightness that can build up in your back. They are also prefect for winding down while watching tv or waiting for dinner to cook.

After all, who doesn't like having a neck massage? 

IGNITE Pro Massage Gun White Camo

The Ignite Pro Gun is essential for those that exercise on a regular basis and excerpt heavy workloads on their muscles. This all new model is designed with athletes in mind. Work for longer, recover faster. 


- Limited Edition Design
- 1 x Exclusive AJ glove head included

- 2 x Aluminium heads
- 3 x Additional heads (all with new comfort touch coating)
- New active touch control panel
- New mode function
- Increased speed range
- Reduced handle circumference + grip profile
- Premium carry case 

IGNITE Mini Massage Gun White Camo

Constantly on the move? The mini massage gun is quiet, lightweight and comes in a portable carry case. 


- Limited Edition Design
- 1 x Exclusive AJ Glove head included
- 3 x Additional heads (all with new comfort touch coating)
- Premium carry case


Available 25th July Worldwide            

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