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AJBXNG Elite EBG200 Bag Glove 12oz

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Featuring our new 'Unity' logo, the Elite 12oz EBG200 bag glove is designed for amateur and professional use. 

Researching and testing in multiple amateur clubs across the UK, the EBG200 has been constructed to allow athletes to make the perfect fist whilst offering unparalleled protection. This glove has 4 layers of high-density foam to absorb and protect the fist in every punch. The 100% cowhide leather also ensures the highest level of durability. 

In Anthony Joshua's latest training camp, the EBG200 gloves have proven to be a fundamental part of his preparation when training on the heavy bag.


  •  4 layers of high-density foam for heavy bag work.
  •  Handmade cowhide leather.
  •  Inner padding for extreme comfort.
  •  Moisture-wicking inner lining.
  •  Comes in 12oz size (one size) and fits tight.
  •  Re-enforced velcro closing strap.
  •  Woven label with AJBXNG arch logo on cuff.
  •  Suitable for bag work.
  •  Colour: Blue with orange trim.

 We advise this glove to only be used for bag and pad work. 

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