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Ignite Mini Massage Gun White Camo

Recover like a professional athlete. The AJBXNG x Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun delivers an exceptional percussion massage to help you maintain peak physical condition, reduce injury risk, and achieve your personal best.


- Limited Edition Design
- 1 x Exclusive AJ Glove head included
- 3 x Additional heads (all with new comfort touch coating)
- Premium carry case

The Mini gun is for those who want to travel light, encourage blood flow while sitting down for prolonged periods, or even recover on the move.

 IGNITE YOUR POWER with the Anthony Joshua limited edition IGNITE Mini. 

Designed and developed with the legend himself, Anthony Joshua.

The AJ Ignite Mini delivers 4 powerful percussions speeds, designed to ignite and promote active blood flow to the desired muscle. The active touch control screen gives you accessible control with a simple touch, so you can focus on your game.

The AJ Ignite Mini changes the mindset of a traditional massage devices and delivers a massage gun that promotes individualism, style and attitude whilst improving physical activity output.

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